Twilight Hall Overview

As per the most recent house charter, dated January 2013

Name: The name of this officially recognized House of Elanthia is “Twilight Hall

Locations: This charter shall be enforced in every area in which the house has jurisdiction. This includes the house proper and the house annexes.

Main structure:A rune-carved fieldstone house” on the corner of West Ring Road and North Ring Road in Wehnimer's Landing,

River's Rest
Zul Logoth
Mist Harbor

Custom Annexes:
Kharam Dzu
Icemule Trace

Official colors: Scarlet, silver and deep blue

Coat of Arms: “A scarlet red owl perched inside a silvery waxing crescent moon set against a background of the deepest blue”

                           \_____           \
                                 \------\    \
                                         \    \
                                          \    \
                                ^_^       |     |
                               /@ @\      |     |
                             _ \_^_/ _    |     |
                            / \/   \/ \   |     |
                            \  |   |  /   |     |
                     -       \ \___/ /   /     /
                     \ \     \|   |/   /     /
                      \ \-----^---^---     /

Motto: "Veiled in the darkness or aglow in the light, the magic of Twilight beckons all"

Mission Statement:

In Character (IC): “Twilight Hall serves as a safe haven for those who wish to study and practice magic. Our goal is to promote the greater understanding of the magical arts through education and example. We aim to provide a politically, religiously and racially neutral home to adventurers dedicated to the study of magic in Elanthia”.

Out of Character (OOC): To serve as a haven for role players in Gemstone IV.